Nobody Here

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Dec 072013

Graphic Design Overlap

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Oct 052013

Markit BMX
Above we have Markit BMX’s decidedly underwhelming logo and below we have the logo for Syrian punk band Mazhott.
Mazhott EP

Jul 242013

This album has no doubt been one of the best things to happen in 2013. Me posting this immediately after I made a post about another legendary innovator who took a hiatus from his work only to pick up exactly where he left off and extrapolate on his previous genius is no coincidence.


Steven Hamilton July 2013 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Steven’s four-minute edit of fresh clips.

Steven Hamilton June 2013 from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

Leftovers from Steven’s part in Animal QSS #5 “The Price is Wrong”.

Animal Bikes: QSS 5 “The Price is Wrong” from Animal Bikes on Vimeo.

QSS #5 where Steven has the last part, and deservedly so. His part (which begins at 23:43) has his best footage since his part in Animal “All Day”.

Maul Me Maybe?

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Jul 242013

The first time I grudgingly heard the song this YouTube video is parodying was while riding past St. Louis Church on Decatur Street in downtown New Orleans. The asphalt was slick and someone had dropped their hat in the street. I was riding away from Louis Armstrong Park, where I had just spent a few hours enjoying the premium riding terrain located within its spiked fences and arched gateways. Spurred on by the good session I had just partaken in, I swung the back of my bike out to the right of the hat, letting my rear tire lock up under the pressure of my brakes and allowing my front tire to pass to the left. This little improvisational maneuver pleased me. Moments like that are why I ride BMX.


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Jul 032013

Um what the hell

Jul 022013
chase hawk, cult, ad, Dig

Ugh, so good.

Damn this picture/ad is so fucking good. Tireslide and table? Done.

Also, this girl below is probably better than you.

I’m okay with her being better than me. I’m also okay with the blog up and running again.

Dakota Bratt

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May 282013

Dakota has some weird looking whips, but they’re dialed. He can also spin, flip and throw the B’s like nobody’s business.

Mediocre at Best – Promo

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May 212013

Mediocre at Best Promo from Bobby Kanode on Vimeo.

So excited for this. Hell yeah, Bobby.

Steven Hamilton Interview on Dig

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May 162013

steven hamilton, bmx intervew, clickedbmx, mike hines

I was lucky enough to write the intro for this interview in Dig. Take a look, it’s now online.